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      大奖888pt手机官网 - 点击进入 is located in Agro-processing Zone (Shanwei Village), Jiangxiang Town, Nanchang County near Ganjiang River and Poyang Lake, 500 m away from the Jiangxiang Exit on the Fuzhou-Yinchuan Expressway, 10 km away from Nanchang downtown, and 15 min. away from the North Nanchang International Airport, very convenient in transportation. The company was founded in September 2004, with 27 million shares of stock now. It is a private joint-stock company integrating high-quality aquatic products breeding and processing.

      The company has a water area of 23,000 mu (about 3,789 acres) for aquaculture, including 3,000 mu (about 494 acres) of intensive fishpond, 500 mu (about 82 acres) of seed breeding base, and 150 mu (about 25 acres) of recreational fishing center. Through the implementation of scientific management, production standardization and healthy breeding, the company was identified as "national demonstration base for freshwater products healthy breeding" and "provincial Poyang Lake ecological agricultural demonstration base". Besides, its "crisp flesh grass carp breeding technology" won the National Spark Program Award.

       In 2007, in order to promote the development of aquaculture, the company led the formation of the province's first farmer cooperative registered in the business sector - Nanchang Poyang Lake Yufeng Aquatic Products Cooperative, creating a new model of "company + cooperative + large breeding family + base", with an farming area of ​​more than 50,000 mu (about 8,237 acres).

      Relying on the rich natural aquatic resources in Poyang Lake, the company integrates breeding and processing. In 2010, the company invested RMB 85.63 million yuan to build a modern aquatic food processing plant in Agro-processing Zone, Jiangxiang Town, Nanchang County, covering a using area of ​​100 mu (about 16 acres) with a building area of ​​12,000 m2, processing 30,000 tons of fresh fish annually, including constant temperature pool of 600 m3, ice plant of 500 tons/day and refrigerated storage of 500 tons. The company’s fresh fish series, iced fresh series, leisure fish series, pickled fish series and surimi series products are popular both inside and outside the province.    

      The company won many honor titles including "Jiangxi Provincial Leading Enterprise in Agricultural Industrialization", "Excellent Enterprise in Green Organic Food in Jiangxi Province" and "Top Ten Green Organic Food Brands of Jiangxi Province", and is an executive director origination of China Fisheries Association, the Vice President origination of Jiangxi Agricultural Industrialization Association, and the Vice President origination of Jiangxi Provincial Fisheries Association. The "PoyangLake" and "Proud of PoyangLake" trademarks the company registered have been named "Jiangxi Famous Brand".

      The corporate stock was listed in NEEQ successfully on January 19, 2016, with the stock name of PoyangLake Stock (stock code: 835786).

      The company will always adhere to the development concept of "leading aquatic industry by ecology, promoting the development by high quality, occupying market by integrity, offering green to society", and provide thousands of families with "green, ecological, safety and delicious" healthy food.

      Address: No. 6 Agro-processing Zone, Jiangxiang Town, Nanchang County
      Contact person: Liu Jinshui
      Tel. 0791-85868822     Fax: 0791-85868833
      Mobile phone: 13807918027
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      大奖888pt手机官网 - 点击进入
      Address: No. 6 Agro-processing Zone, Jiangxiang Town, Nanchang County


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